The MIAA ‘B’ baseball postseason is soon underway. Here are all the possible playoff teams, grades, and how they can sneak their way into a championship run.

  1. Boys’ Latin

Grade: A

Record- 12-3

How they can make it: Consistency

At 12-3, Boys’ Latin has proved to be a stronghold in the MIAA ‘B’ conference. After losing many great seniors, Boys’ Latin skipped a rebuild and simply reloaded.

Freshman Colton Bordick has been one of the team’s best pitchers out of the gate, stymying hitters with his fastball and curveball mix. Matt Richmond and Andrew Cochran have been critical to the pitching staff. The team’s hitting has been on point, putting ten runs up against GCS, nine against St. Paul’s, and eighteen in a recent game vs. SJCP. However, the team has suffered some tough losses, including a 4-3 loss to #8 Friends and an early 12-2 loss to #3 SJCP. If the team can avoid collapse and hit like they have all year, they have a significant chance at a championship run.

2. St. Paul’s

Grade: A

Record- 11-2

How they can make it: Well-used pitching depth and consistent hitting

At 11-2, St. Paul’s will grasp the #1 overall record if they win all remaining games. Their pitching depth is easily the best in the league, with Cam Nelson, Hayden Hair, Grant English, Aiden Gould, Charles Konkolics, Zach Felton, Alex Cromwell, Matthew Meck, and Braden Kletz all delivering significant innings for the team. With the support from this rotation, minor hitting struggles have not mattered. St. Paul’s given up 5+ runs in only one game, their 9-6 loss against Boys’ Latin. If St. Paul’s can avoid hitting struggles and pitch as well as they have all year, a championship is within reach.

3. St. John’s Catholic Prep

Record: 10-3

Grade: A-

How they can make it: Efficient pitching and solid defense.

With most of last year’s team remaining for the following year, St. John’s was destined for another good year. They have lived up to that name, starting off the year 10-3. Their bats have been on fire, scoring at least seven runs in seven out of ten of their wins. Josh Skowronski’s power bat is always a fear for opposing pitchers. The pitching staff has been on point as well. EJ Lowry, Cannon Coleman, and Branden Pershin especially helped their cause. However, defensive mishaps have caused them to falter in a few key games. In SJCP’s 18-5 loss vs. Boys’ Latin, only four of Boys’ Latin’s runs were earned. If the team can continue to clean up the errors and hit well, a championship is in reach.

4. Indian Creek

Record: 10-4

Grade: A-

How they can make it: Hitting the ball hard and delivering solid pitching performances

Indian Creek is another team that can make a solid playoff push after battling injuries much of the year. Logan Frazier and Anders Liimatainen have been leaders both at the dish and on the mound. Catcher Nicholas Pratt made his return from injury, coming off a great start. Recently, they suffered a tough loss SJCP, but are a force to be reckoned with when playing their ‘A’ game. Solid pitching across the board will give Indian Creek their best chance at a run for the title.

5. Glenelg Country

Record- 9-6

Grade- B

How they can make it: Consistent hitting

GCS has proved to be a team with a high ceiling and low floor. Their pitching has been solid all year, limiting walks and mostly keeping errors to a low. Hitting has been a letdown in their losses, going down 11-1 to Indian Creek and 8-0 to St. Paul’s. Dylan Melton has been a spark to the pitching staff, leading GCS to a 1-0 shutout victory against McDonogh and a 2-1 victory against Gerstell. Getting runners on with less than two outs will help lead the team to victory.

6. McDonogh

Record- 8-7

How they can make it: Solid pitching and heating up the bats

Grade: B

McDonogh has proved themselves as a team not to be messed with. Earlier in the season, they defeated St. Paul’s and Boys’ Latin in thrilling wins. Devin Pal, Jack Jacobson, and Peter Kokinis have all contributed to the team’s success. In a tough Red ‘B’ subconference, McDonogh is in the pack with every team and can outperform in their ‘A’ game. Getting shutout by GCS and an 8-3 loss to Indian Creek were tough blows, but can be overcome with a great team effort.

7. Severn

How they can make it: Staying scrappy & making things happen

Record: 6-7

Grade: C+

Severn has stayed scrappy to find their success. Freshman Gavin Schut has been a force on the mound to defeat tough teams, and so has senior Gavin Schut. In the win vs. Gerstell, Tristan Collins pitched six innings to the eleventh inning to secure the victory. Collins and the Castleberry brothers have contributed a great team effort; they battle on the hitting side, consistently forcing plays to be made. The team lacks raw power, but using their strengths, they can push into the bracket.

8. Friends

Record- 4-9

Grade- C

How they can make it: Battling and staying tough on both sides of the field

By looking at the play-out of this year’s games, one could say that the season is an anomaly. Despite having a tough year, Friends beat Boys’ Latin 3-2 earlier in the season. With Emmet Neff-McGready on the mound, Friends has found their groove. If Max Palmer and Lukas Monaldi-Fisher’s bats come alive to lead the team, Friends may win the grudge match. Friends underscores this season’s theme that anything can happen in MIAA baseball.

MSN Guess- Percent Odds of Winning Championship

St. Paul’s- 34%

Boys’ Latin- 27%

SJCP- 16%

Indian Creek- 10%

Glenelg Country- 7%

McDonogh- 3%

Severn- 2%

Friends- 1%